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Pure Honest Advice
for Your Greatest Life Adventures

Life presents many challenges and opportunities. Are you ready to make the most of them?

Some of life's greatest adventures hinge on interpersonal connections and family relationships. Having children, getting married, buying a home, building a career, starting a business, realizing financial freedom and, ultimately, becoming finanically independent.

Wouldn't it be great to live a "work optional" lifestyle? 

This is why you need pure honest advice to fuel your greatest life adventures. That's where we come in. Money touches everything we do in life, but a prudent plan is needed to fully realize your potential. 

Financial planning is like taking a trip.

You map out your course, but you never really know what obstacles you'll encounter along the way. There could be a rock slide, a tree down, a flat tire, or a missing reservation. There could be the sudden appearance of the Aroura Borealis or a beautiful picnic spot that you discover while hiking. You'll certainly want to prioritize and experience those unforeseen opportunities as they cross your path. 

Before embarking on any big adventure, prudent people plan ahead to ensure that they are going to get through the journey safely and securely, realizing as much meaning and fun as possible, depending on their goals and vision for the trip.

Mountain Wealth Planning can help you determine your financial needs

Compass & Map

and priorities so that you are free to live with confidence and clarity as we all come to many crossroads in life.

To live our best lives, careful, diligent planning must take place.

Don't stress over money! Working together, we will map out a plan and ensure you're on track to realize your most important life dreams and financial goals. 

Who We Serve

Workers with Name Tags

High income earners looking for  stock options and equity solutions who need a savvy tax planner on their side. 

Successful women at all stages of their life, but especially those in transition. We get beyond the cause of the transition and empower you to move forward. 

Business owners, entrepreneurs and investors who want to be sure their money is working as hard as they do. 

Mountain Wealth Planning serves anyone committed to improving their financial situation.


Services provided are comprehensive and completely tailored to your situation. 


Fee-only, fiduciary means you receive advice that is in your best interest.


From investments to taxes, you will have a partner in your corner dedicated to your goals and highest aspirations.


Financial Plans


Flat Fee Subscriptions are available and are most suitable for the investors seeking professional guidance on how to manage their own investments.

Comprehensive Financial Plans are $3,000 and serve as the foundation for all of our work together.

Tiered Asset Management fees are structured to go down as your account balances grow.

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